The workshop is targeted towards High Schools students who are exploring their career options and interests. The workshop includes:

ü  Introduction to career targets,

ü  Overview of training pathways and educational choices

ü  Overview of UAC, more than an ATAR, subject choices or alignment to career pathways

ü  Overview of ‘What is a career’?

ü  Goal Setting and Action Achievement

ü  VIA Character strengths and how they impact our decisions (complete the VIA survey and unpack the results)

ü  Pathways to life after school, Uni, TAFE, College, Employment, Gap year

ü  Finding purpose in your school learning

ü  When is the right time to leave school for me?

ü  LinkedIn Profiles

ü  Part-time jobs; motivation and purpose

ü  Resume and interview preparation

Brief report will be provided at the end of the workshop.

Register your interest.


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