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Talent Management

In contracts to finding the right person for the role, talent management is best understood as a thinking shift around the hiring, training, and retention of great employees. It changes the focus from “Is this person a good fit for this role?” to “Is this person not only a good fit for this role, but also for the company as a whole, and for future roles that they may fill?”

Talent management thus is an organisation-wide, holistic strategy for hiring, training, and retaining top performing employees.

What do we offer?

  • Targeted Recruitment and Selection
  • Psychometric Testing & Assessment
  • Advertising
  • Employment Branding
  • Retention Strategies
  • Outplacement Programs

Employee Assistance Program

According to Australian Human Rights Commission, for every dollar that is used to identify and support people with mental illness in the workforce, there is a near 500% return in enhanced productivity.

In today’s complex world, balancing work-life issues is more challenging than ever before. 1 in 5 employees will face a significant personal or professional problem that will disrupt their lives and their productivity. By working to solve underlying issues that can have a negative impact on job performance, EAPs have a significant effect on what could potentially be very damaging (and expensive) work-related problems.

The Psychological Assessment Solutions Employee Assistance Program (EAP) gives your managers and employees access to phone or face-to-face counselling services, allowing them to access confidential counselling wherever they are located.

Psychological Assessment Solutions can join forces with your organisation to actualise this return in improvement of productivity throughout their mental health and organisational psychological solutions.

Employee Assistance Programs provide individualised counselling and support for employees and their families for a range of diverse work and life issues.

According to the Employee Assistance Trade Association, employees who use EAPs often experience positive changes in their work performance, such as having fewer days late or absent, higher levels of work productivity and improved team relations.

Give us a call and see if you can benefit from having a flexible and affordable EAP at your workplace.


Learning & Development

Psychological Assessment Solutions assists with building and developing your teams’ skills by devising practical processes and strategies. Continually reviewing your business needs will ensure that we can assist in the implementation of customised programs to improve your employees’ capabilities.

People learn in different ways, so it is important to understand how to maximise their learning experience to gain the maximum change in the desired behaviours. We will work with you to understand the capabilities of your workforce and what learning and development is essential to enhance your workplace culture, improve productivity and keep your employees engaged.

What do we offer?

  • Learning and Development planning
  • Knowledge of appropriate training providers
  • Learning and Development gap analysis

Performance Management

Performance management is the process between a manager and their staff to identify, plan, develop and evaluate work performance. It is the link between business goals and objectives, and employees’ contributions. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to professionally develop and reward your employees.

It is not about one annual meeting, it is about creating an environment where you foster a culture of performance, employee engagement, satisfaction and recognition.

What do we offer?

  • Performance management policies
  • Performance management framework
  • Educate people managers in performance management
  • Create communication strategies to engage employees

Outplacement Services – Protecting Your Reputation

Job loss through redundancy is a traumatic event for individuals and a stressful time for the organisation. Offering outplacement services not only enhances your image in the marketplace but also improves perceptions of procedural fairness in the redundancy process and consequently reduces the risk of a personal grievances being raised.

In addition, exiting employees have:

  • More positive views of the organisation
  • Greater perceived fairness surrounding the process

Remaining employee:

  • Have improved feelings of job security
  • View the organisation as treating exiting employees fairly and with respect
  • Bolster their commitment to the organisation

We can provide onsite support, workshops and ongoing counselling through the grief cycle and assist employees in finding other positions. Our programs are tailored to the client’s needs and budgets as well as to the individual’s unique needs.

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