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    Career Transitioning


    Career-Transitioning – Vocational Assessments

    The job market has changed dramatically in recent years. Many students feel lostand scared about their life post-school, particularly if they do not know what career path they should pursue. In the midst of feeling pressured to continue formal education post HSC, many try to choose and persist at programs of study that do not necessarily match their strengths, interests, and abilities. And far too many adults find themselves stuck in dead-end jobs or ones that are being phased out or ramped up beyond that person’s skill set. A vocational assessmentcan help all of these individuals develop a personalised plan for occupational success.


    Who Can Benefit from a Career Assessment?

    Identifying a successful career path can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We frequently receive calls from high school students, university students, injured workers or other adults wanting to make a career change, all of whom seek professional guidance in making these important decisions.


    Where Can I Learn More?

    A career assessment typically involves two sessions. We conduct an assessment and interview session in the first sessions and discuss the results in the second session.


    It’s never too late to start your pathway to a rewarding career


    The average person changes jobs an average of 12 times during his or her career.


    On average 21 people apply for every job, with 3 interviewed.


    When a person trains or works in 1 job, they acquire skills for 13 other jobs


    Jobs of the future demand enterprise skills 70% more than the jobs of the past