ADHD Testing Sydney

In the vibrant city of Sydney, understanding and managing ADHD is essential not only for adults but also for children and adolescents. With an estimated 815,000 Australians affected by ADHD, this condition is often overlooked and underdiagnosed. This oversight can significantly impact all aspects of life, from school to work to personal relationships.


At Psychological Assessment Solutions, we are dedicated to recognising the unique challenges presented by ADHD at different life stages. We offer comprehensive testing services that are seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.


Located near key Sydney landmarks, our clinics are easily accessible, making it simple for you to begin the journey toward a more organised and focused life.

Why Choose Psychological Assessment Solutions?

Why trust us with your ADHD assessment needs in Sydney? Our approach is founded on decades of professional expertise and a commitment to personalised care:


  • Over 15 Years of Expertise: Our team boasts more than 15 years of diverse experience in both psychology and human resources, ensuring a deep understanding of behavioural science.
  • Tailored, Flexible Solutions: We provide assessments that are specifically customised to meet your unique needs. Whether it’s at your home or our offices near key Sydney areas, we bring our services to your most convenient location.
  • Professional Recognition: We are proud members of recognised professional bodies, upholding the highest standards of psychological practice.

Understanding ADHD Across Different Ages

ADHD’s manifestation can vary significantly between children, adolescents, and adults. In Sydney’s fast-paced environment, these symptoms can hinder one’s ability to manage daily tasks effectively:


  • Children: Symptoms might include hyperactivity, impulsivity, and difficulty paying attention, affecting their learning and social interactions.
  • Adolescents: Challenges may manifest in risk-taking behaviours, difficulties in school performance, and maintaining social relationships.
  • Adults: Often subtler, symptoms might include poor time management, impulsiveness, and difficulties with sleep, which can impair professional and personal life.

Our ADHD Testing Process

Our comprehensive ADHD testing process is structured to ensure thoroughness and personal attention:

  • Initial Contact and Consultation: Discuss your concerns with us; a GP referral is beneficial but not essential.
  • Clinical Interview: We explore personal history, strengths, and challenges to tailor our approach.
  • Customised Assessments: Utilising advanced questionnaires and tests, some available online before your visit.
  • In-depth Analysis: Our specialists dedicate significant time to analysing results to understand your cognitive and emotional profiles deeply.
  • Feedback and Recommendations: We conclude with a detailed session discussing results and offering practical strategies for improvement.

Comprehensive ADHD Support and Therapy in Sydney

At Psychological Assessment Solutions, we go beyond diagnosis to ensure you have access to the most effective treatment strategies right here in Sydney. Our ongoing therapy options are designed to manage ADHD symptoms efficiently and improve your daily functioning. 


We offer a range of evidence-based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps refine problem-solving and self-control skills; Anger Management, to better regulate emotions; and Time Management Skills, to enhance organisation and productivity. 


These therapies are adapted to your personal needs, helping you achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Achieve Better Focus and Clarity with Our ADHD Services

In Sydney, where every moment is crucial, living with untreated ADHD can be challenging. Psychological Assessment Solutions is committed to changing this by providing comprehensive ADHD testing and support. 


Our goal is to enhance your ability to focus, organise, and thrive in every area of life. Don’t let ADHD control your life—take the first step towards a clearer future today.