Delivery format: Group for Students or Individually

Age Range: High School Students

Location: TBA

Targets: Poor organisational skills, stress, procrastination, perfectionism

The HSC years can be stressful. An increased academic workload coupled with high expectations to perform often lead to stress and anxiety. This can then lead to a lack of balance between academic pursuits and other activities such as physical and social activity – creating even more stress. What if we told you the HSC years can be less stressful?

While students are encouraged to participate in the program before stress has reached a severe level, however the program can be beneficial at any time. The program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to help participants obtain the most out of their final years at school whilst keeping stress to a manageable level and covers the following topics.

  • Understanding stress (including causes, symptoms and the role of the stress response)
  • Goal setting
  • Managing expectations and beliefs about exams
  • Creating effective timetables
  • Learning how thoughts can affect performance
  • Challenging negative or unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Understanding perfectionism
  • Understanding procrastination
  • Tips to deal with work avoidance
  • Building good study habits
  • Procedures for problem solving
  • Exam preparation

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