Where to Get Tested for Dyslexia

Living in Sydney Hills District and suspecting dyslexia in yourself or your child can be challenging. Dyslexia affects reading, writing, and learning abilities, impacting daily life and academic performance. 


Major landmarks such as Castle Towers and busy roads like Old Northern Road make it easy to find expert help nearby. Early diagnosis is crucial for effective intervention and support. 


Don’t let dyslexia hold you back—discover where to get tested and start your journey towards better learning today. 


Types of Dyslexia Tests

Understanding the types of Dyslexia tests available is essential for choosing the right assessment method.


  • Self-Assessment Tests: Quick and free online tests can provide initial insights but are not definitive.
  • Screening Tests: These are brief assessments designed to identify potential Dyslexia traits, useful for preliminary evaluation.
  • Formal Assessments: In-depth assessments conducted by licensed professionals, providing a thorough understanding of Dyslexia. These include vision and hearing tests, cognitive and achievement tests, and specific Dyslexia screening tests.

Where to Get Tested for Dyslexia

Finding the right place to get tested for Dyslexia ensures accurate diagnosis and effective support.


  • Educational Institutions: Many educational institutions provide Dyslexia testing as part of their support services.
  • Private Practices and Clinics: Access to specialized professionals, personalized assessments, and tailored intervention plans. They offer comprehensive Dyslexia assessments with flexible scheduling and personalized support.
  • Online Testing Options: Online assessments and screening tools that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Services Provided by Psychological Assessment Solutions

Psychological Assessment Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services to help individuals with Dyslexia in Sydney’s Hills District:


  • Comprehensive Dyslexia Assessments: Thorough assessments to accurately diagnose Dyslexia and identify specific challenges.
  • Cognitive and Educational Evaluations: Assessments that provide insight into cognitive strengths and areas needing support.
  • Tailored Intervention Programs: Personalized programs designed to address individual learning needs and enhance educational outcomes.

How to Get Started

Suspecting Dyslexia can be overwhelming, but taking action is the first step towards improvement. If you or your child is struggling with reading, writing, or learning, it’s time to get tested. 


At Psychological Assessment Solutions, we offer comprehensive Dyslexia assessments tailored to your needs. Conveniently located in Sydney’s Hills District, we provide home visits and remote assessments for your convenience.


Don’t wait—schedule your assessment today and start your journey to better learning.