Educational Assessment

This assessment measures your child's specific academic strengths and weaknesses through an individually administered, standardised evaluation. Depending on your child’s difficulties, the assessment is tailored to assess their performance in the areas of reading, written expression, mathematics and spelling.


How can an Educational Assessment help?

A comprehensive Educational Assessment will reveal the answers to these three key questions:

  1. What are the specific problems with their underlying learning and processing skills?
  2. What level are they are currently achieving with their academic skills (compared with what is expected for their age and year level) ?
  3. Which learning strategies and interventions are likely to be most helpful at school and at home?


What does a full Educational Assessment involve?

The specific tests will vary based on the issues and age of the child, however we recommend the following process:

  • An initial review of the child’s learning history (for parents only)
  • Standardised cognitive testing (thinking and reasoning ability)
  • Standardised achievement testing (academic skills)
  • Detailed assessment report with a clear summary and diagnostic opinion
  • Specific learning recommendations for school and home
  • Comprehensive parent feedback session to answer all your questions


What is the next step?

If you think an Educational Assessment and a targeted intervention program might be helpful for your son or daughter the first step is to book an initial parent consultation.


This is a parent-only consultation at our office in Castle Hill (this consultation can also be conducted via phone for clients who are not local).


At this consultation the psychologist will review your child’s learning history and give you appropriate advice for their specific needs.