Cognitive/IQ Assessment

Cognitive Assessments or intelligence tests are used to assist with determining a person’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


How might a Cognitive Assessment help my child?


There are many reasons why your child’s psychologist may suggest a Cognitive Assessment. For instance:

1. To obtain an accurate profile of a child’s overall intellectual functioning or IQ level

2. To identify a child’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses

3. To assist in exploring a child’s learning difficulties

4. To assist in the examination of:

·         Intellectual giftedness

·         Specific learning disabilities

·         Intellectual disabilities


How does a Cognitive Assessment help an adult?

·         Some roles such as government positions require a cognitive assessment as part of the application process.

·         Offices such as Centrelink often require a Disability assessment as part of the application process for Disability assessment. In conjunction with an Adaptive Functioning Assessment, a cognitive assessment is required for a diagnosis of Intellectual Delay.

·         Those who are unable to sit for the Citizenship Test due to cognitive impairment will need to provide a current report supporting the diagnosis of intellectual delay.

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